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Five Weeks old and.... Not surprised, they're cuter than ever with personalities coming out. Are you the right person for them?

Adorable Ash, he is a gentle giant in the pack, he loves life and all the new surprises each day brings, he has a soft side to his nature and likes to clean his siblings after feeds, either that or he just loves food so much he can't bear it going to waste.

Delightful Dusty, this guy is a ball of energy and bounces through his days. He always goes to the potty without a miss, he loves trying new foods and is always watching what is going on.

Cocoa is just his name he definitley does not carry it. He is a chunky fawn pied boy who likes to kick back and snooze in-between solid play sessions. will not shy away from the opportunity to have a pat or cuddle.

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