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French Bulldogs Breeders

  What Attracts People to French Bulldog Puppies?

French bulldogs are very popular right now thanks to some celebrities having them as pets. This got them into the public eye and naturally raised interest in the breed. However, they have remained popular because many people are finding that they make great pets.


Like all puppies, French bulldog puppies are cute. However, these dogs remain cute and distinctive all through adulthood. This eliminates one of the problems that most other breeds have, namely, they don't look cute after they grow up! You won't have to worry about that with a French bulldog.


French bulldogs breeders point to their friendly temperament as another reason they have remained a popular choice for pet owners. They tend to be happy and eager, as can be seen in the many online pictures of them making excited, silly faces. Bulldogs often seem to be smiling, and are quick to stick their tongues out for that perfect clownish pose.


The size of French bulldog puppies is another plus. These dogs have a lot of muscle, but when they grow up, they remain fairly small. This makes them perfect for humans in apartments and small houses. It also helps to ensure that they won't become "too much dog" for a human who isn't very strong. Bathing and similar activities remain manageable throughout the dog's life.


If you're looking for French bulldogs breeders, be sure to keep us here at Squareheads Kennel in mind. We're located in Albury, NSW, Australia and frequently have litters ready to find their forever homes. You can see our past and current puppies on our site. Give us a call to learn more about them, find out about upcoming litters, and reserve a puppy for yourself. We're always happy to help with your French bulldog puppy questions!

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