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French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Finding the Right Purebred French Bulldogs to Join Your Family

Once you've decided that your next pet will be a French bulldog, your journey is actually just beginning. That's because you now need to decide on the specifics. You will need to decide which kennel to choose among those offering French bulldog puppies for sale, and then choose a specific puppy. This requires more attention than getting a manufactured product, because all puppies are unique.


The first thing to look at is the breeder. You want one that breeds responsibly, so look for good reviews, the opportunity to take a tour of the facilities, and a production rate that is only a few litters per year. Avoid "mass-production" facilities, also known as puppy mills – these typically do not care about the dogs' health and often sell sick puppies.


After you find the right source of French bulldog puppies for sale, it's time to choose one. There is typically competition for the young dogs, so be prepared to reserve one long before he or she is ready to come to your home. You'll find that there are choices of sex and color, and these are readily apparent. However, you'll also want to try to get one that has the right personality, or temperament, for your lifestyle. For this, you will usually need to go with the judgment of the breeder, who is able to observe the way each puppy behaves. Even in the same litter of purebred French bulldogs, there will usually be a variety of temperaments present. Therefore, if you have a strong preference for a certain temperament, you should let the breeder know this so that you get a dog you can get along with.

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