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French Bulldog Kennels

  Are Frenchies Popular Dogs?

Frenchies are very popular dogs in some areas, and this is reflected by an abundance of French bulldog kennels in these countries. Australians are very much fans of the breed, which was rated the country's most popular in 2017. There are several reasons for this popularity.


One is the clownish attitude that French bulldogs tend to have. They are the subject of many pictures online thanks to how easy it is to get them to make goofy faces and hold the pose long enough for it to be captured by the camera. Thanks to the spread of these pictures, Frenchies have become popular across many English-speaking countries.


French bulldog kennels note that the breed is also popular for some of the same reasons as other small dog breeds. It is small enough for people of all ages to physically handle for necessary activities like bathing and walking, it's a generally-friendly dog breed, and the dogs look cute even in adulthood.


While many dogs have some of the qualities of Frenchies, only the Frenchie has all of them. This is why they are more popular than other small dogs while also beating out friendly large breeds in popularity.


Each area has French bulldog kennels, which often makes it easy to find one near you. However, in some places, it can require a bit of a drive to get to the best option. Wherever you are, look for a kennel that only produces a limited amount of puppies per year, has the papers to prove purebred status if they are advertising purebreds, and that is willing to show you the dogs before you commit to buying one. This increases your chance of getting a healthy, well-socialized puppy, and supports responsible breeders.

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