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  Looking for French Bulldog Breeders Near Me

There is more to looking for French bulldog breeders near me than just seeing whose name comes up when I type that into a search engine. Once a list of possibilities is generated, it's time to decide which ones to check out further.


The first step is to look to see if there are any reviews about the kennel, and if so, whether or not they are good ones. Often, local kennels have no reviews, but this isn't necessarily a bad sign. A good kennel only produces a few puppies per year, which means that they don't have a high volume of customers like a regular retail store. Since only a small percentage of customers leave a review, it is common for kennels to have few or none. The main thing you want to watch out for is if they have bad reviews.


Next, find out if you can actually visit the breeder. I'm very suspicious of French bulldog breeders near me that don't allow people to see how they're really raising the dogs. While breeders often raise their dogs at home, and therefore don't want people to show up unannounced, it shouldn't be hard to make an appointment.


Finally, I keep in mind that it can be worth a fairly long trip to get to the right breeder. Squareheads Kennel in NSW, Australia, is an example of one that can be quite a drive from some locations. However, it's worth going there because of their excellent fawn maskless French bulldogs. I'd rather take a trip to get to Squareheads than settle for one of the local breeders if that's what it takes to get the healthiest and friendliest puppies.

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