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Maskless Fawn or
Cream French Bulldogs

  Should You Look for Fawn French Bulldogs?

Like other breeds, French bulldogs come in many colours. Our puppies are available in two of them maskless fawn and maskless fawn pied. What makes these colours desirable?


Fawn French bulldogs are preferred for two main reasons. One is that they are simply colours that many people find pleasant. This point also goes for cream French bulldogs.


For fawn French bulldogs, the attraction goes beyond personal preference. It is one of the colours preferred by the Australian National Kennel Council, which sets breed standards for the country. Many people who look to buy purebred dogs want them to meet their nation's kennel council or club standard, or the standard of a club dedicated to the breed. These buyers will be looking for fawn, brindle, or pied colourations. Cream is acceptable to the Australian National Kennel Council too, but isn't "preferred" like fawn is.


Despite the Council's high regard for fawn, many people outside of it still prefer the pale fawn instead of the cream variation. For them, their personal preference supersedes that of the Council, most likely because they don't intend to show their dogs anyway. If you don't intend to show a dog, a kennel club's opinion is largely irrelevant, though it's still a good idea to pay attention to the group's notations about the animal's actual health and things to look out for in that department.


Whether you're looking for a pale coloured French bulldogs to join your family, or you prefer maskless fawn French bulldogs for their looks and show-winning potential, you can find the perfect ones with us. Here at Squareheads Kennel in NSW, Australia, we have litters in progress. You can reserve a puppy in advance, and then you'll be sure to get one the next time a litter is ready for dispersal to forever homes.

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